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What classroom style works for you?

I’ve taken classes at four different colleges now, and I’ve been reflecting on the different organizational structures of different courses I’ve been enrolled in. Sometimes, it’s flipped learning, with readings at home, and class activities to practice what we covered. Sometimes it is a straight-up traditional lecture course. Sometimes, we have more fluid discussion basedContinue reading “What classroom style works for you?”

A podcast experiment

Sophia and I were talking a bit about the past year, and we figured we’d try and turn some of our thoughts into a podcast. You can find the recording here; and we have the transcription below. Let us know what you think!


While it’s easy to talk about one’s professional achievements (see my About Me for more), I think it’s worthwhile to be mindful of some other kinds of accomplishments as well. So, without further ado, some highlights of my #altCV. I have… …caught a fish with my bare hands in ice-cold water. …biked to the oldContinue reading “#altCV”

Some thoughts on Caring

I participated in an engaging discussion on the importance of teacher empathy and student-focused classrooms. A year after the normal world came to a crashing halt, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we are re-examining some of the old paradigms of distance learning, and I hope that teachers around the world are learning and improving things. I,Continue reading “Some thoughts on Caring”

About Me:

ESL was not my first vocation; I originally graduated with a BS in Mathematical Sciences from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018. I had worked as an EMT, an IT support technician, and a warehouse supervisor before trying my hand at English instruction. In 2018, I moved to a mid-sized city in Korea and began work as an English teacher, working with students from ages 4-16, with my primary focus being working with middle school students, developing their speaking and writing skills as they prepared for high-school entrance exams. I additionally spent some time working with immersion kindergarten students, after-school elementary students, and adult learners. I learned a great deal from my experiences, and in 2020 I decided to enroll in a MA TESOL program at the American University in Cairo to further develop my teaching skills and resume. I am interested in Computer-Assisted Language Learning, assessment methodologies, and Digital Game-Based Learning

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